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The McMinnville Education Foundation has awarded over $525,000 in mini grants to teachers in the McMinnville School District since 2000. Each of these grants of up to $1,000 supported teacher-innovated ideas and benefitted our students.

This year MEF awarded just under $16,000 to teachers whose grants focused on what they needed to create successful online learning environments in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Teachers were working incredibly hard to make these changes in short periods of time and MEF wanted to support their efforts. The grants included art supplies and science equipment to be used at home, high-quality microphones that helped students move into the 21st-century education in music and audio production, sensory tools to help students handle the stress of new learning situations, as well as books and newsletters (over 3,300!) to send home. Some of the specific grants for books are below.

Colby Ottley, A Language Arts teacher at McMinnville High School, was a recipient of a McMinnville Education Foundation 2020 Teacher Mini Grant. His grant will purchase 100 copies of the book Just Mercy. A powerful and thought-provoking true-story, Just Mercy follows civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson as he works to free a wrongly condemned death row prisoner. The book raises engaging and timeless philosophical questions about the definitions of justice and mercy, and examines aspects of the criminal justice system that could benefit from reforms aimed at increasing empathy, compassion and mercy. In the class, students will be engaged through multiple English Language Arts (ELA) standards: reading non-fiction, analyzing rhetoric, writing persuasively, and speaking effectively.

Heidi Sumner, middle school librarian, requested books for her 70 students participating in the Battle of the Books on Zoom and Newby Elementary teachers requested “Just Right” books for their first grade students.

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