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Second graders study insects at Miller Woods.

Second graders study insects at Miller Woods.

Science Experiences – The McMinnville Education Foundation partners with the Yamhill County Soil and Water Conservation to provide an outdoor laboratory for students to use at Miller Woods and Rotary Nature Park.

Elementary and middle school students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on field research with water quality, pond ecosystems, forestry studies, and animal habitats.

High school students involved in the science and education pathways serve as counselors for the younger students.

Artist-in-Residence program at Memorial School

Artist -in –Residence
This ongoing Artist-In-Residence program reaches all elementary students in the district. Classes work with guest artists to produce visual works of art with materials such as clay, paint, or fibers. Professional development is also provided for teachers. Foundation members work with school district staff and the Salem Arts Association to plan and facilitate the program.

An opportunity to attend a live concert where students learn the nuances of classical composers and becoming appreciative audience members.

Linfield Chamber Orchestra

The Foundation provides transportation for all district 4th graders to attend a live classical music concert at Linfield College. The students learn the nuances of the genre and composers as well as appreciative audience behavior. For many students, this engaging performance is their first introduction to string instruments. Supplemental materials are also provided to all elementary music teachers.

Mini Grants
McMinnville Education Foundation provides funds through mini grants that inspire teachers to develop and implement innovative programs to enhance students’ general education. Past mini grants have funded microscopes, telescopes, ukuleles, climbing walls, Spanish and English novel sets, among other enrichment opportunities.