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Richard Kendrick


Bellweather Beers, LLC
Washington Roofing Co.


Angela Estate
Jerry Legard
Nectar Graphics


Ann Beck
Kathy & Gary Cabe
Jay Compton
Joe & Ginny Crabtree
Ronni Lacroute
Casey & Karen Manfrin
Carol & Harry McCulley
Oregon Mainline Paving, LLC
Oregon Mutual Insurance
Kate & Mike Passo
Mollie & Jay Post
Maryalice Russell
Julie & David Siepmann
Scott Tallman
Willamette Valley Med. Center


Rick & Jan Allen
Susan & Dennis Brown
Doug & Linda Cruikshank
Carole & Mike Flanigan
Gormley Plumbing & Mechanical
Hagan Hamilton Insurance
Kathy Kollasch & Sharon Morgan
Jared & Mindy Larson
McKenzie Duncan Johns CPAs LLC
McMinnville Eye Clinic
McMinnville Imaging Assoc., Inc.
Margaret Miller
Lois Mills
Meridith & John Nelson
Oregon Mutual Insurance
Mindy & Steve Patterson
Molly & John Petterson
Gwen Rohde
Daniel Sheppard
Andrew & Gwen Silva
Bruce Waltz
Charles & Cherie Walker
Russell Williams


Michael & Laura Hampton
Richard & Marilyn Hassmann
Juliana & David Hayes
Allan & Sue Larsen
Stephanie & Jay Legard
Jill Long
Gloria Lutz
Macy & Sons Funeral Directors
McMinnville Music Boosters
Morris Janitorial
Natalie Giustina Newlove
Jennifer Trumbo

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Rona Aspholm
Aster Construction
Brian Bixler
Amy Bizon
Rosanne Blankenship
Karleen Booth
Braces by Dr. Joe
Alvin J Buller
Candice Cameron
Rose Marie Caughran
Chris Chennell
William & Judy Cochran
Compton Trust
Erin Coombs
Dan Corrigan
Paul & Cindy Dale
Cleto Delgado
Ed & Jeanne DeRaeve
Susan Escure
Robert Evans
Excell Fitness
Jeffery & Victoria Fairbanks
Kourtney Ferrua
First Federal S&L
Steffanie Frost
Cameron Gallop
Staci Gaut
Mike Gower
Susan Haskings-Bulgin
C.L. Heim
Arnie Hollinder & Susan Watkins
Mark & Sandy Hyder
Scott Instenes
Mike & Lana Kowalski
Carrie Larson
Joileen Latham
Gloria Lutz
Mike & Christy McCoy
Libby McCulley

Wallace Meckers
Gary & Nancy Melhoff
David Morrow
David & Patricia Nelson
Thomas Newton
Linda Olds
Jay & Marsha Paterson
Raymond Pratt
Lovina Query
Scott & Sandra Rabe
Glen & Corine Rice
Corey & Tara Rich
Edith Rissberger
Ad Rutschman
Donald & Judy Rutschman
Cindy Shultz
Linda Sibernagal
William & Kimberly Spiegelberg
Kathy M Stover
Jill Strandquist
Jeffrey Strobel
John & Alison Taylor
Sherry & Byron Toliver
Irma Torres
Beverly Treneman
Linda Tuggle
Patty Waltz
Robert & Ellen Wells
Megan Whitaker
Elsie Williams

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