About Us

McMinnville is a community that makes the welfare and educational needs of its children a priority. Building on that tradition, the McMinnville Education Foundation was established in 1998 as a 501(c) 3 to expand the range of educational opportunities available to students and to encourage excellence, innovation, and creativity in McMinnville School District 40.

Students get a hands-on opportunity to learn about our eco-system.

The founding directors contributed funds to establish the endowment. Many additional, very generous community donors and supporters have boosted the endowment to over $650,000.

How do we do this?  With MEF Board Members and other wonderful donors/volunteers.

  • Runtoberfest in October.
  • One large and/or several small yearly events
  • Donated wine sale
  • Payroll deduction campaign among McMinnville School District 40 employees
  • Fall Letter mailing soliciting donations.
  • Contributions from MEF endowment
  • Sponsor solicitations through mailings and personal contacts.
  • Partnerships like First Federal, MAC Art/Wine Walk, YCCC
  • Donate Directly
  • Increasing awareness of MEF’s support of School District 40 students

MEF Board Members
Kathy Cabe
Jen Davies
Dayna Gilbert
Susanne Howard
Kelley Kennedy
Joel Kiff
Kathy Kollasch
Charity Livingston
Casey Manfrin
CB Mason
Carol McCulley
Leah McGlade
Mollie Post
Kate Passo
Candice Robben
Margie Viall